Friday, September 7, 2012

The Big Summer Vacation...2011

Last year for the Summer Emily, the kids and I went out west on vacation. Not counting the flight up to Alaska, we drove more than 7000 miles! A lot happened while we were out there. Here are the highlights:

1. A lot of time was spent playing with the Grows and Forsyths:

We went 4-wheeling a lot.
While the kids played I got some reading and writing for work accomplished.
Grandma and Grandpa Grows' backyard was a big hit.

Benson loved his superman PJ's from his McGill cousins.
My sister and some of her family after presenting her with a special award.
A family picture at Shoshone falls in Idaho.

2. About a third of the way through the trip, Emily and I went with Benson to visit friends in Alaska. Abigail happily stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Grow.

Benson's initial reaction to the bears was so cute!
Looking north toward Denali
Hiking through the beautiful Denali State Park
Our friends the Firths
Emily and Benson on the whale watching tour
Scenery from Resurrection Bay

3. While out west, one of my best friends, Coby Hale, died in a motorcycle accident. Because I was out there I was able to speak at his funeral and see him one last time. Not a happy occasion, but a special one. Here is a picture of his remaining family members:

4. Coming back from the funeral we prepared for my sister-in-law Mary's wedding to her fiancé Jeff. Note how STUNNING Emily looks!

Getting ready to go to the reception.
Emily looking fantastic with Benson.
Abigail loved being all dressed up.
Free family picture!
My brother-in-law Dan also looked stunning.
Family of the Bride (sans Laura).

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