Friday, September 21, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Grows' House (Summer Vacation--Part V)

We had so much fun playing at Emily's parent's house. We did a lot of things outside like riding on their 4-wheelers and shooting bb-guns. Benson especially loved the 4-wheeler rides!

Benson couldn't get enough of the 4-wheelers
Emily and Benson watching the other 4-wheeler
Abby and her Aunt Mary
Benson trying to figure out the controls while no one is watching
 Emily's sister Mary giving Abby and Benson and Grandma a ride

Emily's dad glued primers to the ends of the pellets so they would make a louder pop.

Need to teach Abby about keeping finger off the trigger until she's ready
Grandpa Grow
Uncle Dan
Aunt Mary and her husband Jeff
Emily and her sister Mary


Karen said...

Emily, is Mary really that tall??! Looks like wonderful adventures in the backyard.

Benjamin said...

Yes she is!