Sunday, September 9, 2012

2011 Holiday Season

1. My sister Carrie and her son Nathan came to visit us from her home in Norway around Halloween. We toured some church sites and went trick-or-treating. Here are some pictures: 
Nathan was at first amazed at all the things in Carthage and Nauvoo...
...but then he quickly lost interest.
My sister Carrie and Nathan in the room where the
Women's Relief Society was organized.
Both Benson and Nathan dressed up as lions.
As you can see, they are thrilled about the choice.
Benson struggled to learn which treats could be eaten
and to pass out candy only after opening the door.

2. Emily had her tonsils taken out less than a week before Christmas, so we stayed home. Here is a video of our initial reaction to some of the gifts:

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CarrieAnne said...

We are loving all the blogs! :) Especially the little videos - I got my own batteries! Amazing what a little girl can get excited about!