Saturday, September 22, 2012

Games with Grandma and Grandpa Grow

Here are some pictures and videos of Abigail and Benson playing with Grandma and Grandpa Grow...

Abby taking all of Grandpa's monopoly money; Benson eating a toy sandwich with Grandma
  In this video, Grandpa put a latex glove on a dill and let the kids watch it twist all over the place.

Fun with a screw gun
Grandma showing the kids how to make barley grass
 Grandpa got his air compressor out and let Benson shoot the air at things

 Teaching the Bernoulli effect early. Look at Benson's smile in the video when he gets the ball to float!

Playing with the air compressor
 In this video Benson makes the propeller spin

Even washing the car is fun when it's with Grandpa!
 Video of the kids washing the car with Grandpa

Gardening with Grandma
Gardening with Grandma 
Abigail in her new dress that Grandma made for her

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Rob and Jennifer said...

Those are the best games! I love the things your family can come up with to have a good time!