Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Vacation--Part I

We took a long 5 week, 5000 mile Summer vacation out west to visit family in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Washington. Rather than putting it all in one posting we've decided to break it up into a number of smaller descriptions.

The first place we went to was at our friends the Bourne's in Omaha. They live about 4.5 hours away so it allowed us to leave on the first day at a leisurely pace and to get there right at dinner time. We took no pictures of our friends (which we'll have to correct next time we visit!) but that's likely because we were so busy stuffing our faces eating the most amazing chicken dish I have ever had in my life. I don't remember what Karen Bourne called it, but I call it Karen's-some-kind-of-wonderful-chicken. We will miss stopping at the Bournes when they leave Omaha for adventures in the wide world.

The next day we travelled to Emily's Aunt and Uncle Coleman in Greeley, Colorado. We had some potential A/C problems, so we stuck around a little longer than expected and had a nice relaxing visit. Emily's Aunt Julie painted some ceramic masks with Abigail and she loved it. Here are some of the pictures:

Brian Julie and Emily Coleman with Benson
Eating popsicles on a hot Colorado day
Emily and her Aunt Julie
Emily (Emily's cousin) with Benson
Abby mimicking the masks she painted
They almost look like the masks the painted!

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