Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Winter 2011/2012

Here are some things we did this last Winter...

Abby and I performed "Once Within a Lowly Stable"
at our church Christmas party.
Kids doing chores. We usually have to re-wash Benson's part,
but we're happy to have his help!
Grandma Grow came to visit! 
 Here's a video of Grandma Grow playing with Benson.

Baby loitering allowed.
Emily and her mom 
Abigail making a tunnel.
Family picture, try 1
Family picture, try 2
Getting ready to do some cooking!
Benjamin and Benson
You gotta prepare for the weather!
Emily looking fantastic, as always. 
We got some lawn furniture and just HAD to try it out!

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the firths said...

We miss you guys!! Great pictures. I like how the last lawn chair picture you look like you're sunbathing with hats and winter coats on. Maybe that's as warm as Iowa gets.
Much Firthy love