Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Vacation--Part III

On our way up from New Mexico to Emily's parents in Utah, we stopped in Moab for a lunch break and to look for some dinosaur tracks. If you think of the Salt Lake City area when you think of Utah, you might not realize how much variation in climate and geography the state has to offer. Moab is dry with bare red rocks that jut out all over the place. It is its own kind of beauty. To see the dinosaur tracks better you could pour a little water on them and they would pop out very clearly. The video is a bit garbled at times from the wind, but Abigail is showing where she thinks the dinosaur walked...


What about this one grandpa?!
Look at the width between the steps!
Grandpa with his Forsyth grandkids 
A chart explaining the tracks 
Possible Camarasaurus tracks
Abby standing in the big Sauropod footprint

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