Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Vacation--Part II

After visiting relatives in Colorado, we drove down to Socorro, New Mexico to visit Emily's brother Dave and his family along with her cousin Bridget and her husband Jimmy. One of the highlights was to do a little rock climbing in a local canyon. Abigail did not love the climbing but she did love playing with her cousins:

Emily and her cousin Bridget
Abigail and her cousins Josh and Esther
Dave setting up the climbing gear...in his flip-flops
Kids playing while the climbing gear is getting set up
Mary Grow
Abby and her cousins with a lizard
Benson and his cousin Calvin playing in the dirt
Check out Dave's chiseled climbing arms!

Here is a video of Abigail telling us all about a lizard she found...
Small victory
Emily showing her skills
Having lunch in the canyon

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