Friday, November 12, 2010

Post Operation

Well, I am back from the hospital with a thus far successfully fused C5,6 joint in my neck. It hurts to swallow and there is a lot of general pain in my neck region and down into my back. I'm tired and sore, but as far as I can tell I don't have any more numbness and pain down into my fingers! The doctor said that the disc looked like it had been damaged for years, which is a nice confirmation considering that I've had pain for years. He also said I seem to have responded very well to the operation. I'll have to wear a neck collar for the next 6 weeks, and the fusion process lasts a full six months or even more. No Thanksgiving football this year! I don't need to go back to work until next Tuesday so right now I'm just trying to lay low and get healed.

My department sent me some get well flowers and Emily and Abby got me a gigantic bear (which I think Abby has claimed for herself now). I've had students and neighbors and ward members check in on me. Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf and for my family.

Emily told me that while I was in the hospital, they went to an all you can eat restaurant and Abigail was so excited. She went over and over again for olives, shredded cheese, cucumbers, noodle salad and purple jello. She said to Emily, "This place has all my favorite things . How did they know? They must have seen me coming!"

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David L. Draut said...

Yea! So happy it went well for you. Tell Abby we like all you can eat restaurants as well! Take care. We miss you guys!
Sue & Dave