Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Couple Funny Stories

The pain medicine I'm taking for my neck has been pretty mild, but it has made me a little over- emotional and confused at times. For example last night I went to bed very early at 7:30. I woke up several hours later extremely confused about where I was, how late it was, and what was happening. Right before going to bed I watched a half hour of the show Chuck. I'd never seen it before and I suppose coming into it without 4 seasons of context set me back a bit. I was very worked up being disoriented and Emily tells me that at one point I yelled out, "I watched 30 minutes of Chuck and it has RUINED MY LIFE!" Somewhere along the same rant I also yelled out, "WYDONA!" I don't know if that is a name, place or expression, but Emily says it was pretty funny.

Today Emily volunteered to watch a couple neighborhood kids while their parents went to a funeral. They were curious about my neck brace so Abbey explained my surgery to them. I told them that if I took the brace off my head would fall off. They got very wide eyed, but then moved on to go play. Later on they were eating some popcorn and as I walked through the room one of the boys said, "I want to see you take your head off!" I said, "Okay!" and started to unstrap the neck brace. The boy stiffened up and said as firmly and directly as possible, "Do NOT undo that!" I guess he didn't really want to see my head come off! It's had me chuckling all day.


Jill and Lonnie said...

Those are funny! I'd advise staying away from Chuck at all costs! I've been meaning to call . . . hope you are feeling good. Love you.

Karen said...

I love Chuck, but you're've got to catch up!

Julie said...

Hope you are back to feeling really good soon. Rachel & I loved seeing Emily and little Benson.