Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on No Candy for a Year

I meant to write about this earlier, but last year I made a goal not to eat any sweets or desserts for a year. Well, I did it! My first indulgence occurred early in the morning on Jan. 1, 2010. We were late getting on the road to Portland, Oregon, so I stuffed my face with a piece of the previous night's chocolate cake and some milk. This is not exactly how I planned to reintroduce myself to desert, but I can't complain. It tasted awesome!

I'm now into the full swing of candy eating and it has been nice (real nice), but I'm amazed at how quickly I've gone back to my old binging habits. I've proven I can go without it, now I need find a way to be moderate with it.

In the mean time my new goal this year is to have only one portion per meal. In other words, I don't ever get seconds...ever. Snacking between meals is still problematic, but it's been pretty successful otherwise. I think this goal is way harder than last year's.


emcqueen said...

Emily. You totally amaze me. I am so impressed at the commitment you had to it. Very cool. And I think that one serving per meal from now on is so smart. Yay for 2010 - desserts are back!

Emily said...

Actually this was Benjamin's post. I'm very proud of him though!

Cassy said...

you can do it!! and I think you will be happier for it!! yeah you!! you are inspiring!