Sunday, February 7, 2010

December 2009

In early December we had our friend Julie come and visit. We had fun with her Impressions 5 and the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

This year for Christmas we got to go to Tri-Cities, Washington to spend the holidays with the Forsyths. We had so much fun! Abigail LOVED playing with her cousins and getting to know them. All of the Forsyth children were there. Even Carrie and Kjetil came all the way from Norway. Abigail and I had never met Kjetil and that was fun. He and Carrie made us all some really yummy Norweigian food. We all had fun going to movies, eating yummy food and just being together.

We spent the weekend in Portland shopping, swimming in the hotel's swimming pool and at a Trailblazer's basketball game. The game was awesome. Our tickets included a wristband that was basically a "If I see food I want, I can have it." We got to eat shishkabobs, salads, fruits, candy, pizza, meat, rolls...sad thing was there just wasn't enough room in the belly for chips, hot dogs, licorce ropes and candy bars. Our seats were really close to the floor and it was fun to be together.

All the grandkids had fun in their gingerbread aprons making and eating cookies.

Grandma Jamie had gotten a lot of fun soaps and bubble making-smell good stuff. This little elf was Abigail's favorite.
Abigail went around and took a lot of pictures of people. She got some good shots.

We got the "fish room" to stay in. It is this cool room that has paintings of fish all around. Grandma Jamie had also put in a beautiful white Christmas tree, and lots of fun sea shells that Abigail loved playing with. We were very comfortable in our pretty room.

Grandpa Mark had a birthday and they did a fun pinata that the kids loved.

Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's

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