Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We have done a lot of fun things lately. We love summer time!

Abigail LOVES carousels.

Notice how Abigail is curtsying. She have acquired this habit from somewhere. A few times at church she has gone around and curtsied to her friends.

We went to Greenfield Village in Detroit with a friend. It is a really cool place. We got to ride on a train, horse drawn carriage, model T, carousel and old time bus.

I cut Abigail's hair. This is her new swimming suit. We have gone swimming a lot at our apartment's pool this summer. Abigail has gotten really good at swimming this year. She is a champion at doggy paddling and jumping into the water.

We have a garden plot behind our little branch house in St. Johns this year. We have gotten a TON of peppers from it. I have 4 huge bags full of peppers in my freezer that we have seeded and cut up. I can tell you from sad experience to wear gloves whenever de-seeding cayene and jalepeno peppers. I ended up stringing two lines of peppers up to dry to avoid the inevitable pain involved in washing and de-seeding. We made and canned some salsa from the onions, peppers and tomatoes from our garden. It was a lot of work, but very delicious. One of the first times I ever met Benjamin at BYU he brought some salsa to a softball game for our singles ward to share with everyone. He knows the way to "win my love". :)

Abby wanted her hair curled for church. She wanted to be cute for her friend Donovan. Abby says he is "trying to win her love", but he gets jealous of his little brother sometimes. She said that the younger brother Elliot understands her better and has told her he loves her. There is much drama in a 4 year old's world.

Dress-ups at a friend's house.

DeWitt is a city 15 minutes from where we live. They have an Ox Roast Festival every year. We went to the parade they did on Saturday morning. Abigail got a bag full of candy. We sat on some friend's lawn and had a great time.

We went to Grand Haven and had a wonderful time. Lake Michigan is so beautiful. The sand is soft and the water is suprisingly warm. It is really fun to play in because it is fresh water, so you don't have to worry about getting salt in your eyes. Abigail and I played in the water a long time on this trip. The waves weren't very big and she would walk/swim out to a post and then we would go back to the beach and do it again.

Benjamin has been going strong with the no sugar or dessert for a year. So we did muffins instead of ice cream and cake for his birthday.

Benjamin had collected all the quarters for the states, so we got him a place to put them and display them. Abigail wrapped all his presents and hid them around the house. She was super excited about his birthday.


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The Earls said...

Love it! I can tell ya that Donovan and Elliott love Abby! They both talk about her non-stop. Donovan keeps talking about when he becomes her daddy (I'm guessing husband) that they will have fun together and have kids. Goodness, kids want to grow up too fast, but it's cute to listen to them.