Sunday, August 16, 2009

July and August

Benjamin had arranged all of Abigail's stuffed animals to welcome her back from our Utah trip. While we were in Utah, Benjamin went to a conference in the Netherlands and visited his sister in Norway.

Interpretative dancing with Aunt Mary

hide and seek

Grandpa is showing Abby the fishing lures.

Fishing, 4-wheeling and canoing at Silver Flats. We had so much fun. Abigail said that Grandma went CRAZY FAST on the 4-wheeler. She loved helping reel in a fish while we were out on the canoe.

Trying on the 4 wheeler helmet.


Water games in the backyard.

Temple open house with our friends the Ratliffs. Abigail's favorite part was the chandiliers.

Under doggie!!

Juming on the tramp at 6am. Gotta love Grandma's house.

Playing games at night in Utah with family.

Eating ramen noodles with the aunties.

Egg balancing race.

Abby kicking trash in the sack races at the Pioneer Day celebration.

Another hard days work over for a 4 year old.

On the way to our swimming pool.

Benjamin was given this popcorn when he was out doing elder's quorum visit

Abigail got this dress from her Grandma and Grandpa Forsyth. She loves getting clothes from them. (I do too :)

Benjamin in his new suit on the way out the door.

We went to Lake Michigan one day and had a great time.

Hawk Island splash pad.

Abigail loves doing tea parties with her dollies and toys.

These are the animals we took care of.

Abby loved opening presents from family and friends.

Abby chose blue ice cream to go with her cake and loved it.

These are the cute kids that came to Abby's party.

Water balloon fun.

Happy 4 year old with her pink castle cake.

Abby is packed and ready to go house-sit.


Travis and Aryn said...

Wow - it looks like you guys had a GREAT July & August. I bet your family LOVED having you and Abby come visit! Thanks for posting all the pictures - I loved looking at them!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures!! Thanks for posting! I'm glad I got to see you in UT (even though it was way too short).

Jill and Lonnie said...

Yeah for pictures. Your hair looks amazing Emily!! Love you guys!