Sunday, May 24, 2009


This horse gives a crazy fast ride once you put the money in. Abigail gets a kick out of it.

We were in a toy store and Abigail was playing with the toys they had out for the kids to play with. She picked up a doll that was in a box and I thought she was going to try and take the doll out. I said, "Oh, unfortunately Abby we can't take the doll out the box to play with." She put it down and played with other things. A few minutes later I said, "Okay Abby, time to go!" She replied very seriously, "Unfortunately Mommy, I need to play some more." Classic.

We went to Shipshewanna, Indiana with some friends. It is a great Amish town. They have the largest flea market this side of the Mississippi and lots of fun little shops. Its really cool to see the horse and buggies driving on the rode next to the cars. Abigail of course loved the carousel the best.

Abby looking cute, read to go on a Sunday walk. Michigan is really so beautiful. The trees are filling out with their green leaves. This is just right at our apartment complex.

Abby is a Land Before Time fan. So she really enjoyed seeing what Little Foot would look like as an adult.

We went on a day trip to a Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan. Abigail's favorite part was the carousel.

In this picture you can see a potted plant. Abigail brought home a little seed from sunbeams. She and Benjamin have been very diligent about watering it, letting it get enough light and repotting it as it has grown bigger. Its actually an apple tree. Its been a lot of fun.

I cut Abigail's hair. She asked me to and I thought it was a good idea for summer.

We got to tour a local firestation. Abby and I both enjoyed it.


Rachel said...

Love the update! Talk about hilarious! Abigail is so funny!

The Ison's said...

Em, I barely recognized your voice. Yes, it's been that long since we've had an actual conversation. Abigail is too cute!

Andrea said...

Emily- I didn't know you had a blog! Yay!! I hope I'll be able to see you on one of your visits to Utah sometime. Abigail is so cute... and so big! Hope you guys are doing good!
Andrea (Snow)