Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here are some pictures highlighting some of the activities we've had over the past few weeks. The first several are of Abigail and I going to the MSU horse and cow farms with some friends in the branch.
This next set of pictures is from when our branch did a Hawaiian luau activity that was a lot of fun. Benjamin pulled some sweet moves on the limbo and I got first place in my age division for hula hooping. Abigail enjoyed everything. The final video of Abigail hula hooping is hillarious to me!

We have been borrowing a car from a friend and before we took it back we cleaned it all. Abigail loved the Fabreeze. We used half a bottle of it. It made for a great Saturday morning activity!

Abby and I have gone on a few nature walks. Michigan is really pretty this time of the year. On Saturdays I take Abigail on a tricycle ride to a business that is down the road from our apartment. It is a very pretty walk. Abby loves her tricycle.

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Cassy said...

We too have loved bike rides. Although those are coming to an end for a while for us. But I am glad you are able to enjoy this wonderful weather and have some fun!!