Wednesday, April 22, 2009

300 Calories a Day Keeps the Dodgballers at Bay

Well, I've been to the gym now 9 times according to my Burgers for Buns program and tonight I believe I proved that it's working! I went to play in a multi-ward game of dodgeball tonight and had a great time. I didn't get exhausted until we were nearly done, but that is not the reason I know my workouts are paying off.

In our version of dodgeball your team can score two points for getting every person out on the opposite side or one point for knocking over a little pin that is carefully guarded by the other team. About half way through a round I chucked a ball clear across the court in a line drive that OBLITERATED the pin! I smashed it into three pieces with the insides flying out all over the place. I had Emily take a picture of me with the remains to preserve for posterity.

Who's the McChicken now, huh?!


Cassy said...

Congrats!! Doesn't it feel good to be doing the right thing--and actually seeing results. Kudos to you.

the firths said...

A new Reign of Terror!

Jill and Lonnie said...

Did I hear someone say, "The power of Shiz is alive and well!"

Sarah said...

I can tell the workouts are working by the amount of sweat seen on your shirt in that picture. Also may I say the picture of Emily on this blog is breathtaking.