Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 2009

Life if going great for us here in beautiful Michigan. The weather has been mostly gorgeous! We have had some fun thunderstorms and not so fun humid days. Abby and I go to the pool a lot and love it!
Benjamin and Abby made a cool 'temple' out of blocks.

Cute shots of the Abster.

Father's Day was lots of fun here. Abby chose a purple tie for Benjamin that looks awesome on him.

A few weeks before Father's Day I asked Abigail what she thought her Daddy would like for Father's Day breakfast and she replied confidently, "Shrimp." So that is what he got.

We went to Lake Lansing beach one day.

We had to say goodbye to the Wagners. We have known them the whole 4 years we have been here. It was sad to see them go. Abby and Noah have known each other their whole lives. We have done a babysitting swap with them for 3 years. We will miss them. We've had 3 families that we have been close to graduate and move on. It is crazy to us that we will be graduating in only 1 year. We have really loved Michigan and all the friends we have made.

Abigail has been mixing things lately. This had food coloring, celery, carrots, milk, peas, pickles, whipping cream, sugar, salt, rice and some other things I can't remember. Abby said t was daddy's special treat. Being a good sport, Benjamin tried it.

We went to Battle Creek, Michigan to stay with some friends. We all went to a parade on Friday and the "longest breakfast table" on Saturday. A reporter took our picture on Friday and it was on their front page the next morning. We were at a grocery store on Sat. afternoon and someone stopped us and told us they had seen us in the newspaper. It was very fun. For those interested we will be doing autographs from 1-3pm this Saturday here in Bath, Mi.

Abigail's favorite part of the parade was Daisy the cow.

They had all sorts of cereal, banannas and juice. It was really fun and free.

My friend gave me a haircut. Free-ninety nine. I in turn gave her a haircut, it was a good deal.

We went to a festival where I did a 5k with one of my friends, Crystal. We met up with some other friends who had run in the race also. A couple in our branch offered to watch the kids during the race. I really appreciated that. It was totally different not having a stroller to push!

Here are some happy faces.


Jill and Lonnie said...

I can't believe I missed the autograph session!!

The Bourne Family said...

Emily, you are simply gorgeous. I love your new haircut!!