Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here is a strange picture of Abigail and her friend Liam watching biscuits cook. Good clean fun and a good facial expression to boot!

We bought some pink curlers for Abigail's hair. It looks so cute! I need to take a picture of it when they get pulled out in the morning.

We had a really fun Valentines. The flowers that Benjamin gave me have been a beautiful thing all week long. Abby has enjoyed them a lot. She enjoyed feeding them and watching them grow. Benjamin gave both his girls a cup, candy and card. It was fun.
Here are some quotes from Abigail.

Abigail left the dinner table and Benjamin told here to come back to finish her rice and she replied,"No, Daddy. I am SO not even hungry."

Benjamin took her to the bathroom and Abby told him to go away. He closed the door and heard her say, "I have got to figure out a way that I can be alone."

Last Sunday I played a solo during sacrament meeting. I was pretty nervous, but I calmed down when I heard Abigail start singing along, quite loudly, to my music. At dinnertime I told Benjamin how hearing Abigail had helped me. He said he had been trying to get Abigail to be quiet. So he said to Abigail, "Did you hear that Abigail? You know how I was telling you to be quiet while Mommy was playing? I guess it helped her. It just goes to show..." And Abigail replied with a serious look on her face, "Yep Dad. It just goes to show."

She is a lot of fun. She brings us much joy and laughter.


Rachel said...

Now that's funny! I wish I could have heard you play!

Stephanie said...

I came home from Rachel's and decided to finally look up everyone's blogs, and add their links to my blog. Let me know your email address and I'll invite you to mine. Cute blog!

Jill and Lonnie said...

I love your Abby quotes. I think you should post more of those. They made me laugh!

Rachel said...

"it just goes to show!"
what a funny kid- she sure showed him!