Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid Stories

Two stories from Abigail.

1) Abigail and I were dancing to some fast 80's music before bedtime and when we were done I told her we needed to unwind by laying down on the carpet and listen to some slow music. We ended up listening to Michael Jackson's Human Nature. In the song Michael Jackson repeatedly sings the word "why...why" so Abby asked me, "Dad, why does the lady keep asking why?" I said, "Actually, Abby, it's a guy, a man, who is singing." Abby said, "No, that's a girl." So I suggested we go watch the song on youtube. We went back to the computer and as soon as the video popped up, Abigail said, "He looks like a girl too!" ...From the mouth of babes.

2) I was putting Abigail to sleep and we were talking about the scriptures and we got onto the subject of the Holy Ghost and baptism and Abigail said, "I don't want to be baptized because mom said ghosts aren't real." I found out later Emily was telling Abigail that the ghosts she saw in a Scooby-Doo book weren't real. Well, I asked Abigail if she wanted to pray about it and she said okay and this was her prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Is the Holy Ghost real? ...Yes? Okay. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

If only all problems were solved so easily.


Rachel said...

hahaah- both of those are so good - lovely =)

The Wessman Family said...

Hi there Forsyths! We found your blog through some others. I love the stories. What simple faith!

Careina said...

That is adorable. I love her prayer... I can't imagine how much joy these prayers bring to Heavenly Father!

Jill and Lonnie said...

That's sweet. I like your blog background!