Friday, January 30, 2009

Benjamin's Random Survey

I (Benjamin) was filling out one of these "Random Survey's" on facebook and figured I would put it on the blog as well. So, for your reading pleasure, here are 25 random things about me. Emily's 25 random things will be coming soon...

1-I'm not eating any candy or dessert for a year. So far so good, but my cereal consumption has since gone through the roof.
2-I love cookies.
3-I grow a red beard but I (used to) have sandy blonde hair
4-I love smoked oysters, green olives, feta cheese, brussel sprouts and many other foods that aren't typically liked. I don't think I have a lot of taste buds.
5-I speak Dutch fluently.
6-I love maps. I can stare at them for literally hours.
7-I am allergic to garlic.
8-I watched Pollyanna a year ago and loved it.
9-There is a song that is called "The Most Unwanted Song" that was designed to be annoying to nearly the entire population of the world. I happen to like it especially when I am studying.
10-I had to wear braces on my legs as a baby because my leg bones were not developed enough.
11-I squatted over 500 pounds in college regularly before my mission.
12-I love teaching and learning so much!
12 1/2-As a kid I was afraid a triceratops would attack me in my sleep. For this reason I chose the bottom bunk since a triceratops would be so big that its horns would skewer whoever was on top.
13-I regularly rock out to Dutch, Norwegian and Gaelic music.
14-I play the violin and I used to be pretty good, but it terrifies me to play in public. Ironically, I love singing and speaking in public.
15-Growing up I followed my sisters example in almost all things. She has never led me astray except once and that is that I only took 3 years of science in high school rather than 4.
16-I love to cook. Soups and Dutch food are my favorite things to make.
17-I have a favorite green t-shirt that I have had since I was a sophomore in high school. It is slowly dying and it makes me sad to think one day I will have to cut it up into dust rags.
18-I don't generally like wearing shirts with any writing or pictures on them. Monochromatic is what I prefer. One exception to this is Napoleon Dynamite shirts.
19-I go nuts when I play volleyball. Football generally has a calming effect on me especially in high school. These are my two favorite sports.
20-I took a ballet class in college. I know what a dance belt is.
21-My first official date with my wife happened one Sunday in October. My sister Jill invited me to have dinner at her place and I asked if I could bring a girl. Jill said yes, so I stepped out of my apartment and said to myself, "First girl I see gets to eat with me." Emily was the first and I'm a better man because of it.
22-I think I do a pretty good turkey impression.
23-I couldn't tie my shoes until I was eight.
24-I spent a whole day at universal studios and neglected to go to any of the rides. I didn't realize there was a lower level!
25-I have a goal to see all 50 states. I've been to 38 so far!

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