Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter time

My sister-in-law Carrie sent me this cute apron. Abbie took a picture of it for me.

Abby is my big helper. She is really good at helping with chores and daily work. The other day she did a lot of the labor for the enchiladas. I am very proud of her and appreciative.

I love organizing things. This closet was my project one morning. Abigail took the before, during and after photos.

Playing in the snow.

Some more pictures that Abbie has taken...

Abigail loves to dress up and dance.

Abigail has been taking pictures by herself a lot lately. This one is of Daddy when he came home from work. That is always a really exciting time of the day for Abbie. We love her Daddy! The one below that is mom and dad picking up blueberries that had spilled. We asked Abigail to help and she said she would take a picture instead. It was funny.

We went to Michigan's Historical Museum in Lansing one morning when it was in the single digits one day. They said it felt like -7 degrees outside. So we were very grateful for a fun indoor activity. We were pleasantly surprised when we found out we went on Michigan's birthday. Because of this they had all sorts of crafts and volunteers there to talk with about Michigan. They even had a birthday cake. Michigan is now 172 years old. Abbie had a great time.

Benjamin is ABD!!!! A.B.D. stands for All But Dissertation in the Academic world. Today he passed his Oral Comprehensive Exams. He went from being a doctoral student to a doctoral candidate. It is all very exciting. Benjamin has worked really hard to get to this point. Abigail and
I made a sign, got balloons and did a scavenger hunt to honor him and to celebrate.

CONGRATULATIONS Benjamin! We love you and are proud of you!


Jill and Lonnie said...

Yeah for Benjamin! I can't believe how big Abbie is getting. You look really great Em! Love you guys.

Mike & Lauren said...

Emily, it is so good to catch up on what you guys are doing! Little Abigail is not so little anymore! She is darling. I love both of your aprons. Congrats to Benjamin on all he has accomplished!

Do you have our blog address? (mlandm.blogspot.com) We just had our second little girl and are still living in Vegas. Drop us a line sometime! :)

CarrieAnne said...

GRATULERER!!! Hurray for you! To honor you, I am listening to a cd you made me! Love you all

the firths said...

I'm still loving your short hair! Benjamin- congrats on your ABD.
- Dani

Rachel said...

Abbie is such a great helper! I love those pics! Congrats on the ABD!!

jenn said...

tim and i both say congrats on getting "ABD". love looking at pics of abigail and seeing her grow up. miss you!

The Bourne Family said...

What an exciting winter you've had. CONGRATS Benjamin! That is so wonderful. I'm sure you're grateful to have so much work behind you. Good luck with the dissertation.