Sunday, November 2, 2008

Enjoying Fall

We have gotten to do a lot of fun things recently. Yesturday we did a Pirate Murder Mystery. Benjamin was Dr. Jim Jones "Redbeard" and I was Black Bones Sadie. It was fun to see Benjamin in his theatre mode. He did plays in high school and his skills were appreciated by the group.


We went trick or treating in a friendly neighborhood where Abigail warmed up very quickly to the idea of getting candy for the magic words of, "Trick or Treat!" At first she said she didn't want to say it very loud, but by the end of it dropped her shyness and became an old pro. The next day we did the ritual sorting of the candy with her and daddy has been more than pleased with her generosity in sharing her loot. The people you see in the pictures are our good neighbors the Belliston's and Sandy and Megan.

As you can see, Abigail decided to be a disney princess, but she wasn't Snow White even though you might think it from the dress. Instead, she was Cinderella. When Emily got the dress for her at a garage sale, Abigail promptly put it on and grabbed a spare broom which she called a "mop" and started mopping our carpet. She has the story down!

Here is a video of Abigail doing her best Cinderella impression in preparation for the Halloween festivities!

We got to carve pumpkins twice with Abigail. Once while Emily's parents were visiting us and another time on the day of Halloween. As you can see by Abby's facial expressions, both attempts were complete successes!

Wednesday's are Benjamin's busiest days and besides a 20 minutes stop in for dinner he doesn't get to see Abigail because she is asleep by the time he gets back from mutual. So one Wednesday Benjamin decided to do a scavenger hunt for Abigail using starburst candies as the prize. It was a complete success! This picture is of Abigail discovering the first clue taped to the bathroom door. Since the completion of her first scavenger hunt Abigail has had both of us go on mini hunts for toys and candy and trash, usually hidden in shelves and under the couch. Good clean fun!

There is a children's museum here in Lansing called "Impressions 5" and Emily went with a bunch of friends there one day. As you can see Abigail had a great time. Emily is very good about taking Abigail out to all kinds of things like this. She has a play group on Tuesdays and reading time at the library on Thursdays. Daddy tries to take her to open gymnastics time as often as he can as well.

The weather is getting cold here in Michigan! It was in the 30's and even 20's at night! It's warmed up a little bit since, but the winter clothes are officially out of storage!

We're about half way through our marathon October blog posting so for an intermission please enjoy a few random pictures of Abigail...

Emily's parents came to visit us and we had such a grand time! Dennis (Emily's Dad) did a lot of fixup work around our apartment and even made a new guard for Abigail's bed. It is the perfect blend of form and function.

Anna Margaret (Emily's Mom) kept Abigail busy from the moment she arrived and all the way back to the airport. It's hard to say who had more fun, though. Abigail loves her grandparents!

One day while Emily's parents were visiting we went out on a nature walk at the perfect time to see all the leaves changing colors. We got to go to a nice restaurant right before the walk and we misjudged how much food we were going to get. The walk was a very welcome end to a huge meal. Great food, great friends, great lakes, great times...

Well, thanks for reading our gigantic blog posting! Hopefully we'll have more bite-sized installments in the coming months! We've been wrestling the formatting on where the pictures and text go so please excuse the disorderliness!


Megan Finlay said...

Wow, what a clean floor you have. I wish I had a Cinderella a my house cleaning floors.

Travis and Aryn said...

Looks like the Forsyth's had a FUN October! What a pretty little princess - Abigal is a cute little lady!

Sarah said...

I like the random Benjamin picture at the very end. :)

The Bourne Family said...

I'm so glad you got to see your parents!! It was nice to get an update. Glad to see you're happy and well.

The Earls said...

Looks like you had fun with your parents. I'm surprised Abigail didn't correct me when I called her Snow White. What a pretty Cinderella!

The Ison Family said...

Your parents look great, Emily. Yay for the update. =)