Sunday, October 5, 2008

End of summer

Over Labor Day we got to go to a Detroit Tigers and Yankees game in Detroit. They had a tiger carousel and our seats were in the shade. These things combined to make a great day.
One of the big grocery stores here in Michigan is called Meijer. Abigail loves going there because they have a horse there to ride on. I like it because it only costs a penny for a ride. Ever since Abbie was little we have had the tradition to let her ride the horse when our shopping is done. We sing:

"Horsie, horsie on your way. We've been together a many a day. So let your tail go swish and your wheels go round. Giddy up! We're homeward bound.
I like to take a horse and buggy, when I go traveling through the town. I like to hear that good old clip clop. I like to see the wheels go round."
She loves it. Her new thing is that she kisses the horse when we are done. Its our little form of idle worship. My uncle Lee has a farm and she has ridden horses there before. Abigail really loves horses. She has some plastic ones and really enjoys playing with them.

We have a pool at our apartment. Abigail and I made good use of it this summer. Some weeks we went 6 times! It is only about 100 steps away. Often there would be nobody else but us, so it felt like our private pool. Awesome. We started going in May and it just closed a week ago. It was heated, so we went sometimes when it was only 60 degrees outside. In the beginning Abbie would just get her feet wet and play around it but not get any deeper then up to her stomach. By the end of the summer, she became a little fish. I eventually remembered that we had a swim suit with a life jacket thing in it. She is quite the daredevil, so it eased my stress level when she started wearing it.

Abigail has gotten really good at dressing herself everyday. She also loves to dress up.

The Forsyth family has a wonderful tradition of making Pumpkin muffins on October 1st. My mother-in-law Jamie gave me a beautiful bundt cake pan that I used instead of muffin tins. It was delicious. Abigail took the picture of me next to the cake. She has been taking pictures lately. You can see the great big chunk of cake that Abigail grabbed when I wasn't looking. At least I know she liked it.


The Ison Family said...

Oh how I miss Emily Grow--er I mean Forsyth. ;) You are such a great mommy, Em. Just looking at the pictures and watching the little video clips. you're glowing. Abigail looks just like a little Emily.

Mike & Lauren said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful cake... Abigail is such a big girl! It was great to read about your fun summer.

Brian & Leah said...

I tagged you.

the firths said...

hey neighbors

jenn said...

oh, this made me miss those penny rides at meijer and i miss you, too (not in that order) :) abigail is getting so big. she's a cutie. so great to spend so much time at the pool!