Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving in West Virginia and Sinterklaas back in Michigan


Benjamin served a mission in the Netherlands. There they have Sinterklaas on December 5-6th. On the 5th the kids put carrots and hay in their shoes and if they have been good Zwarte Piet will leave presents in their shoes for the next morning. Their tradition is that if the kids have been bad Zwarte Piet will get taken away. Benjamin told all this to Abbie and she got really concerned. We had to work all morning at reassuring her that she really is a good girl and that nobody would be taking her away. But she was excited the next morning.


We were super lucky to be able to visit my Uncle Steve, Aunt Shanna and cousin Cami in West Virginia for Thanksgiving. My brother and his family were there from Maryland also. The drive there was stressful, but definitely worth it. We had a wonderful time.

My Aunt Shanna helped the kids and girls do crafts. Abigail painted her things glitter, pink and more glitter. I got to may a nativity set that we have been enjoying.

Benjamin went hunting for the first time in his life with Dave and Uncle Steve and enjoyed being in the beautiful Appalacian mountains. We all went shooting one afternoon. I enjoyed shooting a .45 pistol...nice kick.

They had a fire pit in their back yard and we got to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.

Benjamin and Dave playing Epic Duels

Steve and Shanna's house was Abigail's dreams come true. They had 2 dogs, an INDOOR swimming pool, a yard, fire pit, good food, a banjo and toys.
Josh, Abigail, and Snow White Fairy Princess

Thanksgiving dinner was tasty!
Thanksgiving dinner

Cousins on the couch
just before we said goodbye

Look at those smiles!

Steve, Josh, Abi, Shanna, Esther, and Cami.  Josh gets a final kiss from the dogs.

We had an awesome vacation and sure appreciated their hospitality. It was so fun to be with family. We love you guys!


CarrieAnne said...

So much fun! Thanksgiving looks like is was successful and I am jealous that my shoes aren't filled with goodies! I guess I wasn't good enough this year. :)

Kara said...

Emily, I just found your blog from Aryn's. I hope that's all right. :) It's so fun to see your little family. I'm glad you've had a good time this season.