Monday, June 14, 2010

Benjamin's Graduation from MSU

Our parent flew in for Benjamin to walk and get hooded at Michigan State for his PhD in Educational Psychology. There was excitement in the air. Even little Benson wanted to be there, so he came into the world the day before graduation. That meant that I got to wear a hospital gown and Benjamin got to wear his graduation gown. Very exciting! We are so proud of Benjamin and all the work that he has done. There is less than 2% of the United States' population that has a PhD. You are now part of that 2%, baby! (or you will be after you finish your dissertation)!

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Tara said...

Emily I'm so happy for you guys. I hope everything is going well with 2 kids that is sad you didn't get to go to graduation though. I'm sure you helped a little with getting that PhD. So are you moving now? Good luck this summer.