Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At home with Benson

After a month Benson was over 10 1/2lbs. We were happy with that because he was 6lbs 11oz when he was born. We love chubby babies!
Benson constantly gives us these little smiles. Jamie said she has never seen a baby that smiles so much. We love it. He is also grunts like a dinosaur all the time. It is adorable. We call him our Bensonsaurus.

Grandpa Jamie was here for almost a month. She did laundry, dishes, shopping, cooking, organizing, de-junking, swimming with Abigail and comforting Benson when he had gas. Jamie makes everything fun and always kept us laughing. We got rid of 3 car loads of stuff. We went through lots of stuff and did things to prepare for the move. Benjamin has been super busy with her dissertation and so it was extra helpful to have her around. She is fun to talk with and has a good attitude about everything. She made us yummy food and was just fun to have around. We love you Jamie!

Abigail has been a great big sister. She helps me a lot. She will grab things like diapers, pacifiers and burp cloths. She will sing and play with him and give him lots of hugs and kisses. He is a lucky little boy to have her as a sister.

Benjamin took his mom out for a Mommy-Son date. They had a great time at a place called English Inn.


David L. Draut said...

Great pictures! We love seeing them all. You are truly blessed.

Cassy said...

Everyone looks so great!! What a cute family you have!

Rachel said...

all of them are so cute! One of them makes benson look so much like abby & his dad. So cute.