Sunday, August 17, 2008

House Sitting and poison ivy

We have been house sitting for some friends of ours for the past week. Abigail and I have loved the backyard and animals. Benjamin has suffered because of the backyard and animals. Confused? Let me explain...

Two weeks ago Benjamin camped on the property of the house that we are staying at. He somehow got into some poison ivy and has been miserable ever since. I guess once you've had poison ivy you are super sensitive around it. So when he plays with Abigail outside on their awesome swings, he gets itchy and uncomfortable, poor guy. He is also allergic to their cats and dog, so he hasn't been breathing very well.
As much as it has been hard to be here for Benjamin, Abigail has loved it! Abigail loves animals and our friends have a dog, two cats and a parrot. She has had fun feeding them, walking the dog and playing with them. The dog has become my new alarm clock. At an early hour everyday he comes in and licks my face until I wake up. Abigail and I take him out with us on our daily stroller ride. His name is Caleb, and he is a really sweet dog. Abigail is always giving him hugs, chasing him, trying to feed him carrots and graham crackers, and chasing him around. He puts up with her.

We have spent a lot of time outside enjoying their big back yard and long driveway. There has been a lot of wildlife. They have pond with lots of frogs that Abbie likes to through grass in. We have seen lots of deer and rabbits.

We got to go to Grand Rapids for a Danish Festival with some friends. We had a really fun time. They had some children's activities that Abbie enjoyed. She made a crown and has been wearing it a lot the past 2 days. It is really cute. Her favorite part was an inflatable slide they had there.

Benjamin had his birthday last week and we had fun celebrating. Abigail was really excited to tell her daddy what his gifts were, the day before his birthday :), and to hide his gifts.

We have watched some of the Olympics and that has been fun. Abbie went bowling for the first time and had fun. Benjamin starts up the semester soon, so we will get back into the swing of things. We have had a wonderful summer.


Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Good Job Em!! Those are cute pics! Abby is so cute!

Brady, Emily, Brinklee said...

That looks like so much fun! Abbie looks like she had a way fun time at that house. That did look like a beautiful home full with fun things to do. Too bad Benjamin got poison ivy. Ouch!

ottspot said...

Hi Emily! I've had poison ivy more times than I can count and one way I kept getting it is because my cat would go wander in it and then rub against my legs and the poison ivy oil would get on me and I'd break out in a rash. So watch out because you might be getting it from the pets! Glad to hear you've had a fun summer. ~ Erin Ott

brian said...

Nice to see your blog. Ours is at

careen said...

My name is Careen (Stenquist) Olsen
I am Anna Margaret's cousin.
I am sitting here this evening surfing the net and ran across these pictures they are adorable!!
What A beautiful family!!
(If Anna Margaret has an email address would you mind sending it to me?)