Sunday, August 3, 2008

Enjoying Summer

These are some pictures of us camping in New York with my brother and his cute family. Abbie had her birthday that week, thus the hat.

We've had a lot of fun things the last few weeks. Benjamin hiked at Pictured Rock National Park in the upper penisula of Michigan for a week with the young men he used to work with. They hiked like 25 miles in some really beautiful areas. They had some mean racoons, but Benjamin was able to protect the group with his sling shot skills which he learned under the tutelage of his brother-in-law David. His camera was out of batteries by two hours into the hike so there are no pictures besides the one we copied off of the Pictured Rocks website. He has been writing a proposal for a conference and his comps. So that has kept him busy.

Abigail and I have done lots of fun things together. We have been swimming a lot and been to a lot of fun activities. These include a dairy expo, county fair, story time at the library, tricycle rides, parks and a water games activity. Last week I helped with the youth games for a Pioneer Celebration. It turned out well. We spray painted rocks and did panning for gold. That was a favorite. We have really enjoyed summer.

Abigail really enjoys playing with her dollies, toys and blocks. She had so much fun at the petting zoo that was at the county fair.

Grandma Grow sent a tea cup set and Abigail has really enjoyed it.
Abigail had a little birthday singing session with her new toys.
Benjamin's girls in red.

One thing Abigail loves to do is dance on our bed while her Daddy plays music for her. I think all would agree that we need a trampoline for this girl!


Travis & Aryn said...

It looks like you guys really are enjoying the summer! Benjamin really does have beautiful girls!

The Bourne Family said...

Emily, you are so beautiful. Your hair is getting so long. Is it lighter, too? Looks like you have been busy and having a good time.