Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Stories About Abigail

Hi All,

Emily and I had two funny experiences talking with Abigail recently. We figured we would share them with you all.

1. Abigail opened up a door that was locked a couple weeks ago which has convinced her that she has magical fairy powers. Today Abigail showed Emily a box that held her invisible magic and Emily said in reply, "When I was a little girl I would imagine that I was a fairy and that I could fly." Abby treated Emily's words with contempt and said, "Mom, I AM a fairy, but I'm the walking kind.

2. I went to eat lunch with Abigail today at school and we got to eat at a special table where we get to sit alone and talk. However, half way through lunch, the "special table" becomes the table where a 3rd grade class starts eating. I asked some of these kids what they liked about 3rd grade compared to kindergarten which got them talking to Abby and I a lot. They told us about the pros and cons of not having nap time, the excitement of studying crayfish, the problems with cold pizza, and we even settled a question about whether milk has a flavor empirically. About halfway through the conversation Abigail whispered in my ear, "Dad, I didn't know that 3rd graders could be so nice!" I'm glad she got to talk with the nice ones!

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Jill and Lonnie said...

It's a good thing Abby believes she's the walking kind of fairy. Hopefully she doesn't try to develop her flying powers!!